My first .gif animation! 

Cinemagraphs - Escalators

• Photography / video editing : Julien Douvier
Color / light editing : Baptiste Chabot
Shot in Strasbourg’s train station, 2013.

How Apple HomeKit Is Already Changing The Smart Home Industry
Aaron Tilley,

At Apple’s developer conference this year, the secretive tech giant devoted less than a minute and half to unveiling HomeKit, its iOS-based protocol for hooking up connected gadgets in the home. But 90 seconds was all startups and hardware makers…

Philippe Starck’s Electric Mountain Bikes Boost You Up Hills in Style
Alex Davies,

Philippe Starck’s electric bikes are made for riding in sand, snow, mude, and asphalt.The post Philippe Starck’s Electric Mountain Bikes Boost You Up Hills in Style appeared first on WIRED.

Vroom vroom

2 #iPhone6 mockups to help you decide which one to get.

print at 100%, cut it, tape it,  > pick it.


These guys pour molten metal over wood to make awesome furniture!

Brilliant idea.

The latest iPhone 6 leak assembles parts into the best video yet
By Dieter Bohn,

There’s been no shortage of parts leaks and even “leaked” iPhones assembled from various parts on the internet in the past few weeks. But the latest leak of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, from Russian YouTuber user Rozetked, might just be the best we’ve s…

Sexy iPhone 6


less is moarrr

its not about what more you can add to make it better, its about what you can take away and make it better.



Mountain bike x Motorbike hybrids look like the funnest vehicle ever devised 

I need one of these.

how to make a SMART home.