The latest iPhone 6 leak assembles parts into the best video yet
By Dieter Bohn,

There’s been no shortage of parts leaks and even “leaked” iPhones assembled from various parts on the internet in the past few weeks. But the latest leak of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, from Russian YouTuber user Rozetked, might just be the best we’ve s…

Sexy iPhone 6


less is moarrr

its not about what more you can add to make it better, its about what you can take away and make it better.



Mountain bike x Motorbike hybrids look like the funnest vehicle ever devised 

I need one of these.

how to make a SMART home.

3D printing for lock picking. crazy.

Writing is about grammar. Copywriting is about emotion. #wisewords

projection mapping always amazes me.

Goldfish Bubble Wrap by Daisuke Akiyama

Inspired by watching a single goldfish swimming around in a goldfish bowl, Japanese designer Daisuke Akiyama came up with a rather ingenious product: goldfish bubble wrap. By reinventing the standard packaging material, Akiyama – part of the desig…

Becarful popping these!