Introducing CloudBit, the Device That Makes Anything Web-Connected
by Kathryn Free,

Mak­ers who love cre­at­ing with lit­tleBits are about to get a new tool to play with: the cloud­Bit, which can con­nect any­thing to the Inter­net.

Lit­tleBits, a New York-based start­up, builds a library of con­nect­ing elec­tron­ic pieces tha…

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Bonnaroo festival used iBeacons to collect valuable data about concertgoers
Jordan Kahn,

While iPhone users have enjoyed new location-based expe­ri­ences thanks to early imple­men­ta­tions of Apple’s iBea­con tech­nol­o­gy, com­pa­nies deploy­ing the blue­tooth bea­cons are also col­lect­ing some valu­able data on users. We report­ed…

Jaguar Land Rover projects driving data directly on the windshield
Billy Steele,

I’ve had my on-track exploits over­laid with race teleme­try to be viewed after the ses­sion, but Jaguar Land Rover is look­ing to project that info on the wind­shield while you make laps or cruise the high­ways. The Vir­tu­al Wind­screen con­cept…

Plants can ‘hear’ themselves being eaten

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Do they say your welcome?

what is this? (besides totally awesome!)

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This is great thinking. What a good way to connect with the audience.

Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen
Christopher Jobson,

Furniture maker Greg Klassen builds intricately designed tables and other objects embedded with glass rivers and lakes. Inspired by his surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, Klassen works with edge pieces from discarded trees (often acquired from…